Haven Newsletter – Autumn 2017

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Welcome to our first edition of Haven for 2017.

Our lead finance articles focus on two topics that are frequently in the home loan headlines. With interest rates still low, should you be looking to switch your home loan to a lower rate option to help pay down your mortgage quicker? We’ve put together a guide to refinancing that may help you make the decision. Our second article focuses on first home buyers and affordability, and with many feeling it’s near–on impossible to get into the market for the first time, we run a microscope over this contentious topic. If you fall into either of these camps, be sure to read our thoughts.

It might not be a common thing in our modern times, but nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through a house. In Haven Food we have a great recipe for a delicious oatmeal bread that you might like to try. Fresh from the oven and slathered in butter and Vegemite – it has comfort food written all over it.

I hope that the start of your new year has been a good one. Please don’t hesitate to make a time with me so I can run through what is happening across Australia’s mortgage market and what this might mean for you – I’m always here to help.

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